Guiding Co-Creative Musical Agents through Real-Time Instrumental Playing Technique Recognition

Article by Marco Fiorini (IRCAM, Sorbonne Université, CNRS) and Nicolas Brochec (Tokyo University of the Arts) has been accepted for the SMC2024 conference (Sound and Music Computing, 4-6 July 2024, Porto, Portugal). Abstract: This paper presents a novel application and integration of a state-of-the-art CNN-based classifier for real-time flute Instrumental Playing Technique (IPT) recognition within the co-creative system Somax2. […]


REACH @ Festival Numok 2024

NUMOK, festival des cultures numériques des bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris, this year will focus on AI and creativity, and will host a presentation/concert by Mikhail Malt and Marco Fiorini, of the REACH team, on May 2nd 2024 at 19:00, at the Médiathèque musicale de Paris (MMP) at Les Halles. The event, focusing on […]



Article by Marco Fiorini (IRCAM, REACH) and Lorenzo Colombo (DKDM, the Royal Danish Academy of Music) has been accepted for the JIM2024 conference (Journées d’Informatique Musicale, 6-8 May 2024, Marseille, France). Read the full paper Watch the video of the performance RésuméDans cet article, nous documentons une recherche artistique et scientifique dans laquelle nous réimaginons […]

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Djazz show case Justin Vali and friends Saturday March 23, 2024 Nudacy Studio

Show case Justin Vali – Concert privé featuring Justin Vali‘s friends on Saturday March 23, 2024 at Nudacy Studio founded by Eric Ramahatra in Villeneuve-la-garenne. « Best of » video shot by Nanou Rakoto: IA sequence involving Marc Chemillier and Djazz trained with data collected with great zither player Velonjoro from the South of Madagascar who […]

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Sound Thinkin’ – Workshop on music improvisation with co-creative agents

Born from the collaboration between the Jazz and Electronic Music departments of the Alfredo Casella Conservatory of L’Aquila (Italy), the Sound Thinkin’ project – a music improvisation workshop with co-creative computer agents – will begin on February 28, 2024.The workshop will end in an evening of concerts that will be part of the annual review […]

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REACH at Le Mans Sonore

Apprentissage machine, incarnation et co-improvisation homme-machine.Conférence-concert de Marco Fiorini et Pierre Saint-Germier – REACH, Laboratoire STMS (IRCAM, CNRS, Sorbonne-Université)  La plupart des IA musicales qui génèrent de la musique à partir de règles ou de modèles statistiques semblent manquer la dimension corporelle de la musicalité humaine. Si l’on prend au sérieux l’importance du corps dans […]

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Chronos IIIc for Somax2 and cello

Cellist William Teixeira and REACH member Marco Fiorini worked on a specific Somax2 rendition of the piece Chronos IIIc by Brazilian composer Roberto Victório. William Teixeira: cello Marco Fiorini: Reach Interactive AI Somax2 Computer Music Design by William Teixeira and Marco Fiorini Audio Recorded by Mikhail Malt Mixed by William Teixeira Mastered by Ingrid […]