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Paragliding – new album release with Somax2

Ma Records just released Paragliding, by Jonas Gerigk, Marco Fiorini and Michal Wróblewski.
The album features Somax2 and was recorded as part of an artistic residency at Divadlo29 in Pardubice, Czech Republic in June 2023.

Listen to the full album here

Czech saxophonist Michal Wróblewski, Italian guitarist Marco Fiorini and German double bassist Jonas Gerigk are three prominent personas of the European music scene oriented towards progressive jazz, free improvisation, contemporary music and sound exploration. These three musicians first met as part of the Share Impro project in Denmark in the spring of 2022, and now, thanks to the AIRinCOK residency project at Theater 29, they are releasing their debut album recorded during that residency. 

The music on the album is a calm, sonorous oasis in which individual ideas slowly develop and let the listener absorb and enjoy every detail of the timbre palette, which extends from the natural acoustic colors of individual instruments to experimental techniques, including the involvement of the co-creative improvising artificial intelligence software Somax2, developed in the Music Representation team, of which Fiorini is part, at the well-known institute of electro-acoustic music IRCAM in Paris, within the domain of the European research project REACH.

Jonas Gerigk – double bass 
Marco Fiorini – electric guitar, Somax2 interactive AI 
Michal Wróblewski – alto saxophone 

recording, mix, and master by Adam Veselý 
artwork by Holger Nimtz 

recorded at Divadlo 29 in Pardubice, Czech Republic between 23rd and 26th June 2023, as part of a residential project AIRinCOK 2023, with the financial support from Národní plán obnovy / National Recovery Plan. 

this work is supported by the ERC REACH project at IRCAM, directed by Gérard Assayag, under the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program – GA #883313 

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